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Elmhurst Energy Accredited our highly qualified team based in London takes pride in providing outstanding customer service. 

With over 10 years industry experience we can confidently assist with all clients needs. Providing an efficient service sets us apart from other EPC companies.

Why are Energy Performance Certificates important?


An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a key piece of legislation which requires an assessment resulting in a specific energy rating for all domestic properties Sold, Rented or Built in England and Wales. The minimum energy rating requirement for a rental property is an E rating. 

Legislation introduced in April 2018 means tenants of new tenancies and renewals must be issued an in date EPC for the tenancy to be compliment with the law. 

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), Feed-in tariffs (FIT) applications, Eco Assessment and Government Green Deal


For those property owners, landlords or tenants planning to take advantage of the RHI, FIT applicant, Eco assessment or Green Deal options an Energy Performance Certificate is required.

Improving your properties energy performance has a positive impact on climate change and should never be ignored.

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EPC cost:

Domestic Dwellings:

The cost of our energy assessment appointment, producing the energy performance certificate and lodging the energy performance certificate on to the official government register is £90

A discounted rate is provided to "Green Deal" applicants or multiple EPC request, please contact us for further details.

Commercial and Newly Built Dwellings:

Cost are provided on application.

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Additional Information

Energy assessment appointment:

The energy assessment appointment day and time will be confirmed via phone and email. The assessment can take up to 1 hour and consist of a series of measurements and photographs. Access to the entire property will be required to provide an accurate assessment.

EPC Payment:

All payments are made on appointment to the energy assessor in cash or via bank transfer. Invoices/receipts are provided on appointment.

Appointment cancellation/rescheduling:

Appointments should be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid a 25% charge, if an assessor attends an appointment and cannot gain access a 25% fee will be charged.

Receiving your EPC:

Clients EPC will be produced and provided electronically within 48 hours of your appointment also lodged on to the official government EPC register.

Company policies:

An EPC cannot be produced without clear funds received. 

Additional free services

Our energy assessors can provide/arrange free works quotations if required and recommend local estate agents or registered contractors.